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Frequently asked Questions

What services do you provide?
I provide a wide range of services which range From the simple (logos, posters, restaurant menu or flyer designs) to the slighly more complex (buisness presentation, book illustrations, or animation). For website design, I can proivide the graphics and the basic layout.
Where are you located?
I am based in Central Virginia. If you are also local to the area, it may be possible that we could meet in person. However, you don't need to be local. I can accept clients from anywhere.
Do you provide the printing services as well as graphic design?
I don't do the actual printing, only the design work. I may be able to direct you to affordable printing services based on what you need. Especially if you are local to my area.
Why should we use you and not some other more high profile (more established) graphics design services?
For starters, if you go to the big names, you will end up paying big prices. Also, unlike many bigger operations. I don't rely on stock, formulaic, by the numbers approaches to design work. You might call it "putting the art back into graphic design". As an example, you can look at the lost art of movie posters. Thanks (or more appropriately "no thanks") to the digital editing revolution, many modern posters look as though they were created in an afternoon, possibly by an intern using cut/paste. They are no longer the unique illustrated creations of yesterday. If you really want to have your commissioned design to stand out, you don't want to give the impression that it was created by a committee instead of an artist..
What is this webcomic?
Polaris is just something done in my spare time; when I do have spare time. It actually can serve as an extension of the portfolio section. It shows how the artist understands and uses the concepts of sequential art, visual storytelling, composition, and other elements that are important to graphic design.But you can also forget about all of that and just enjoy the story. It's available absolutely free.
What are your prices like?
Depends on the assignment. You are encouraged to e-mail and inquire about rates and I will be happy to give you an estimate. Other fees will apply depending, for example, on the level of usage rights you desire (such as transferrence of all rights/unlimited, royalty free use). Some works can be finished in a few days, (flyers, brochures...ect). Others may take a little longer. Still others (like animation) will definitely take longer (even at Disney/Pixar, anything beyond simple stick figure animation is a lenghty process). These estimated turnaround times do not count the time between initial contact and presentation of the contract. The initial consultation and research on your project will cost you nothing, however. I don't start charging until the contract of agreement is presented to both of our satisfaction. This will be when we reiterate and itemize the fees involved, including usage rights. That will also be when we agree on the quoted final cost of the project.
What is this educational discount?
You may notice from the portfolio gallery that the I have done some work in the past for educational instituitions. If you are such an entity (any school, university, library, teacher, student, home-schooler...ect) or commisioning a work as part of a public service (health or safety education for example), there is a 20% discount off the final quoted cost. I will of course, request verification of your educational-afilliate status. This could come in the form of an up to date student/faculty ID or other such documentation. We will share with you more of the accepted forms of verification should you request the educational discount.